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We started with our legal firm in 1990, more than 25 years
of experience gathered, which has allowed us to obtain
invaluable knowledge of how to help and advise our

The long journey made by providing real estate legal services,
contracts, business real estate investments, constitution of
mercantile societies, immigration, arbitration, legalization of
foreign trading companies. 

With the  ability to serve our customers in several languages like English, German, Russian, and Italian, has given us the opportunity to work with many people and give them security in their businesses. it has also allowed us to help you with your  problems and the  possibility of losing your assets.


Firm Partners

Jorge lafosse


Mr. Lafosse has studied economics in the University of Vienna-Austria, University of Lima-Peru, has a Masters in International Economic Law, and Juris Doctor. He graduated at the Universidad Nacioanl Autonoma de Honduras. He is proficient in English, Italian, German, Russian and Spanish.

He is also a Foreign Trade and Technical Advisor in the Export Fund not Traditional (Lima Peru).

For his excellent participation in this field, he was elected as a Member of the Committee on Foreign Trade and International Banking Activities; has received a recognition of the Ibero-American Social Security Organization and is the current Director of our legal firm.

Ruth Lafosse

best honduras attorney

Ruth is a especilaist in telecommunication regulations, civil and administratrive law and has over 20 years of experience in Tegucigalapa, Honduras. Ruth has personally handled quite a few high-profile cases, both as prosecutor as well as a defense lawyer. She has represented over 100 Tegucigalpa  firms in various litigations, and has never lost once, throughout her entire career. She has also been a Judge, Fiscal and Dean of the Law faculty in UNITEC


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